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Meet our winemakers

Father and son team, Harry and Axel Friend make for an unbeatable combination of talents.

They share the desire to experiment with new techniques aiming to perfect the winemaking process, which gives Narkoojee wines their unique characteristics. Axel has an Associate Degree in Wine Growing from Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga in NSW whereas Harry’s ‘training’ was hands-on in the vineyard and winery while attending all the Workshops and Seminars possible and phoning as many ‘experts’ for advice as he could.

Harry and Axel Friend enjoying a glass of their Narkoojee wine

Harry Friend

Managing Director & Winemaker

Harry Friend is the Managing Director and Winemaker at Narkoojee. He was raised on the dairy farm, which is now home to the Narkoojee vineyard and winery. He graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Engineering and spent most of his career as a Civil Engineer. He retired from his position as Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Victoria University in 1994 to manage the Narkoojee winery and make wine on a full time basis.

Axel Friend

Vineyard Manager & Winemaker

Harry’s son Axel is the Vineyard Manager and Winemaker at Narkoojee. Axel graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Science (Winegrowing) from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, in 1999. Since the age of 15, Axel has helped in the vineyard alongside his father, Harry. His knowledge of plant physiology and wine chemistry led to his role as vineyard manager and co-winemaker. 

Learn more about Harry & Axel's winemaking process

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