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Review: 2021 Lily Grace Chardonnay

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

"Narkoojee's Lily Grace Chardonnay has long been a favourite Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

Although Chardonnay may traditionally be paired with seafood, pasta or poultry I find that Lily Grace is just as superb when paired with an eye fillet steak, a BBQ's lamb backstrap or Beef Stroganoff - great wine can be enjoyed with any food type and Lily Grace Chardonnay is a truly great wine!

I was introduced to the wonderful folk of Narkoojee and their suite of wines in 2010 and whilst all of their wines are extraordinary, the Lily Grace Chardonnay was, is and always will be the standout for me.

What has struck me about every vintage of Lily Grace is the amazingly consistent quality of the wine. Every vintage of Lily Grace has had a buttery, caramel richness that was enhanced years ago when the winemaker, Axel Friend, took up the daring challenge of moving to natural fermentation. It may have been a challenge but it was one that he not only met head on but absolutely conquered.

The 2021 Lily Grace is no exception to this excellence and is arguably a wine that takes the Lily Grace name to new heights. This vintage sees the same Lily Grace characteristics of creamy and buttery texture but with a mineral acidity that adds a savoury freshness and lighter finish.

The winemaker claims it will develop further in the bottle over the next five years but this wine is so good now that I challenge you to leave it for five years before you consume it, such is the enticement of this superb wine. Five years might make it better than it is today but I for one can't wait five years to drink more of this 2021 vintage of Narkoojee's Lily Grace Chardonnay."

Reviewed by Ian Goldsmith, March 2022

Manningham Citizen of the year 2021 & CEO, Edith Bendall Lodge Aged Care

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